Batman: Clowhunter and the "new" Harley Quinn show up, the design is creepy

A little over a week after the release of Batman's volume 95, and consequently from the beginning of the long-awaited "Joker War", DC Comics has decided to show the first advances regarding the immediately following number, 96, showing for the first time the brutal anti-hero Clownhunter design and the "new" Harley Quinn.

Author James Tynion IV first spoke of Clownhunter in March, announcing that "will make things quite interesting, and will throw in the mix that touch of brutality that is missing from the comic"Until recently nothing was known about the antihero, apart from that he would have used a club and that his purpose was to clean up Gotham. At the bottom of the article you can take a look at the character design, shown in the variant cover of volume 96.

Advances also show the return of Harley Quinn, who escaped death after Punchline's attack in Batman volume 93 and is now ready to return to action. The new costume includes a mask and a hood, while the iconic hammer used in the last fight will be temporarily put aside in favor of an assault rifle and a practical baseball bat. The complete is visible in the variant cover of volume 97.

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Comicbook he also showed other pages extracted from volume 96 starring Batman, which we decided not to show you so as not to spoil the surprise. In case you are not interested in further spoilers, just click on the link found below.


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