Batman / Catwoman: the surprising new road taken by Dick Grayson

Together with the Future State event, Batman/Catwoman is the series of the moment from DC Comics. In the future told by the story written by Tom King, the daughter of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle can rely on an old ally of her parents, Dick Grayson. The boy, however, has abandoned the way of the superhero.

In the past, Dick Grayson surprised readers by abandoning the role of Robin to move to Bludhaven and take on the role of Nightwing. But this time the former Batman protégé did more, he has hanging the mask on the nail to enter the Gotham City Police Department.

In Batman / Catwoman # 3, we discover that Dick is serving as Police Commissioner carrying on the Jim Gordon legacy. Now an adult, the first Robin sports a full black beard and wears a brown trench coat, just like his predecessor. Also, just like Gordon did, Grayson also helps the heroes. Taking advantage of the Bat-signal, we see Batwoman, aka Helena Wayne, or the daughter of Batman and Catwoman, appear on the roof of the police station.

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During the conversation, Dick Grayson tells little Wayne some stories about his times as Robin, indicating some degree of confidence between them. Unlike Batman and Gordon, who developed a bond while working, Dick and Helena would appear to be essentially like family. Before ditching the costume, Nightwing may have even helped Batwoman in her training.

With this new duo defending Gotham City, there seems to be no escape for criminals. We discover the two major deaths at the center of Batman / Catwoman.


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