Batman / Catwoman: Are the Dark Knight and Joker also linked in the afterlife?

Since the first issue of Batman/Catwoman, readers have been notified of Bruce Wayne’s death. However, his disappearance was shrouded in mystery and only with the release of the third volume were some details about this sad event disclosed.

In the story told by Tom King, news of the death of Joker, who had moved into a Florida boarding house, reaches the city of Gotham. While Helena Wayne, daughter of Batman and Catwoman, refuses to believe that his father’s nemesis died so easily, the suspicions of Dick Grayson, now police commissioner, come true. The DNA test confirms that the man killed is the Joker.

When Helena informs her mother Selina that she will be going to Floria for help Dick investigate, Catwoman notices several similarities between her attitude and that of her father. Despite being a criminal insane, for Batwoman a murder is always a murder.

However, there may be more behind this move. Joker’s death occurred a few weeks after his father’s, and between the two events there could be some sort of bond.

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Although it was revealed in Detective Comics # 1027 that Batman passed away from a serious illness, Helena assumes that the two deaths may hide something else. In the meantime, let’s find out the details of the new path taken by Dick Grayson in Batman / Catwoman.


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