Batman Beyond, will the live-action potential have two versions of the Joker?

A lot of talk has been made about a possible live action by Batman Beyond, especially in light of a possible return of Micahel Keaton to the DC ranks, but what would be the perfect villain for the film? According to the usual web rumors, the answer can only be one (but double): i (l) Joker.

By now we know that we must take certain statements more as speculations than as real rumors, but this does not mean that they are not of some interest, and the latest from WGTC concern the phantom film adaptation of Batman Beyond, the animated series of the late 90s / early 2000s starring the Batman of the Future, Terry McGinnis.

According to what reported by the site, in fact, in the film we could see two different versions of the Joker. Such as?

In one of the animated feature films based on the series, Batman of the Future: Return of the Joker, Bruce's nemesis has long since passed away, but the Jokers, the group of criminals who emulate the Clown Prince of Crime in his raids and raids, claims to receive orders from the Joker himself. After a long investigation, Terry, so far unaware of the events related to the death of the Joker, comes to discover that in the past Tim Drake, ex-shoulder of Batman, he was "transformed" into Joker Jr. by the famous villain, only to finally come to his senses and take out the Joker himself. But the latter, due to a microchip with the Joker's DNA, is now behaving like him, and even risks being overwhelmed by his personality, and therefore turning into his substitute.

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WGTC would assert that live-action should take inspiration from this storyline, and therefore show not only the original Joker (via flashback), but also the version of Tim Drake.

The site also reports that the goal would be to give the original Joker the features of Jack Nicholson, and that, given the improbability of having Nicholson in the role again, a stunt double and special effects should be used. Honestly, it seems to us somewhat difficult that this could happen, it is much more probable, if anything, that another actor will be chosen directly, perhaps with a charisma and a way of acting more similar to that of Nicholson.

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