"Bartomeu aspires to be Clooney and overcome 'The perfect storm', but the feeling is that he is more Benny Hill"

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This Monday morning, the Futbol Club Barcelona squad, led by its captain Leo Messi, announced in an official statement that they accepted the salary reduction to help the club financially, while in turn launching once more a dart at the club board.

Shortly after, the Barça team issued an official statement pointing out the ERTE in the club and that salary reduction of the footballers of the Catalan first team. The relationship between management and staff, is evident once again, it is not at its best.

Sique Rodríguez, head of sports for Radio Barcelona, ​​offered his point of view about the situation of the Barça team. "I think Bartomeu aspires to be George Clooney and that his boat, which is Barça, surpasses 'The perfect storm', which is the current situation. What happens is that the feeling is that it is more 'Benny Hill' and the club a show because there are many times that the players have publicly 'cut' the board. Gerard Piqué, Leo Messi, Sergio Busquets, Rakitic have sent messages … there are many footballers who have criticized the club publicly, which seems intolerable to me. And the feeling is that there is no chemistry between the staff and the management. "

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"I think the players have not calibrated the situation we are experiencing in Spain. They were not aware of the seriousness of the story, they have been slow to react and they have taken this decision to donate a part of their salary to workers to that they can collect everything they have. Something that they are honored but I think he is late and that he is forced a bit by the circumstances"

"As for the board, I get the feeling that they have a serious problem. When a company falters, if suddenly something unexpected and fat happens, that company or collapses, or it is touched, or almost fatally injured and that is what Barça risks. It seems to me that in the coming months we are going to debate, and very deeply, about the club's model and the consequences that the coronavirus will have on the economy, not only for Barça, but also at the World level. It seems that it is going to change some rules of the game in soccer. "

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