Balotelli's car hits a bakery when he returns from the New Year's Eve party

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Mario Balotelli has returned to be the center of all eyes, but not because of his soccer abilities. The Brescia player has started 2020 with a small car accident: he left his car parked irregularly at the door of a bakery after returning from the New Year's Eve celebration.

At six in the morning, the newspaper reports The Corriere della Sera, a friend of the player left his car – a Fiat 500 – parked a few meters from his house. The car ended with several scratches after hitting a sidewalk of Viale Europa in Brescia.

The striker, who was sitting as a co-pilot, sallied to the car without any wound and went straight home to sleep. The Italian newspaper provides photographs in which it is appreciated The front of the car torn. The neighbors after hearing the fuss called the crane, which took the vehicle.

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