Baldur’s Gate 3 between multiplayer and cinematic scenes: new video by Larian

Having clarified the question about the price and longevity of Baldur’s Gate 3, the boys of Larian Studios dedicate the new video diary to the interventions carried out to evolve the multiplayer and cinematic scenes of their fantasy role-playing game in strategic sauce.

In the video, the representatives of the Belgian software house focus on the ambitions that accompanied the development of the Early Access version of Baldur’s Gate 3, focusing on the challenges faced to achieve the cinematic scenes.

According to Larian, even the dialogues will benefit from the work done in the creation of the scenes in kinematics, with the joint use of performance capture and of advanced techniques to rebuild i dynamic dialogues which will involve our hero and the NPCs. In the intentions of the European authors, the cinematic scenes will serve to raise the rate of immersion and realism offered by the singleplayer story and the challenges that we will face by venturing into the multiplayer of their blockbuster RPG.

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To those who follow us, we finally remind you that Baldur’s Gate 3 Early Access will be available from September 30th on PC and Google Stadia. On the pages of you will find a preview of Baldur’s Gate 3, with all the considerations and analyzes on the playful and content offer of Early Access.


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