Baki and Kengan Ashura meet in a crossover illustration

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The authors of Baki The Grappler and Kengan Ashura, Keisuke Itagaki and Daromeon, have created a crossover illustration in which the protagonists of the respective series are about to fight. Both anime are available exclusively on Netflix.

The illustration was created precisely to promote the visibility of the two shows on the platform. Nobunaga voice actors Shimazaki (Baki Hanma) and Tatsuisha Suzuki commented on the collaboration. The first observed that, despite the obvious difference in height between the two fighters, they both look straight in the eye, as if they were actually on the same plane.

Suzuki, however, appreciated the world in which the differences in perspective in the two characters, are effectively transmitted through the reproduction of the artists. Netflix previewed Baki's first season in June 2018 in Japan, making a total of 26 episodes in December of the same year.

The streaming platform subsequently published the episodes also in the west, in a period between December and March 2019. The second season was previewed last Monday in Japan. The animated series by Kengan Ashura arrived on Netflix, worldwide, on July 31st. The second part of the season, which will air from episodes 13 through 24, will debut on Netflix on October 31st.

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