Baby Yoda's photo with George Lucas is much more than a photo

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The Photo from George Lucas Y Baby yoda what Jon Favreau has hung on Twitter it's much more than the photo of George Lucas and Baby Yoda. It is a tribute to the creator of the entire Star Wars saga because without George Lucas and without Yoda there would obviously be no Baby Yoda, regardless of the origin that they later give him in the Disney series + The Mandalorian. And the tweet is important because it seems that a lot of a lifetime fan and a lot of new fan forgets this particular fact. Many media outlets will want to sell it as the way Disney, the great entertainment machine, has to bury the rumors that have spread since November (remember: rumors) that George Lucas hated Baby Yoda. Because George Lucas had never spoken about it. It was a consequence to which old fans of the saga had arrived, little friends of the changes and of getting out of the canon, who did not see with good eyes the new character. But one thing is the opinion of a fan and another that they want to turn George Lucas into a hater by magic.

Jon Favreau, obviously, with this endearing photo denies any rumor: it is a tender image, or, at least, does not seem forced. But above all it is a reminder to all those haters of the films and palms of the series who came up with this whole universe: because, in the end, if George Lucas had not invented Yoda, there would be no baby Yoda worth. Obviously, the idea of ​​Baby Yoda was Jon Favreau and David Filoni, but without Lucas … Anyway, we already knew that George Lucas had no problem with Baby Yoda. It's just that those haters hadn't wanted to see it.

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In October the reference blog for the leaks of Star Wars, Making of Star Wars, citing sources from the production team of the Mandalorian series, dropped that George Lucas had visited the series shooting set, where there were five or six Yoda dolls. The same sources, said this blog, said that the origin and name of the species to which Yoda belongs had the advice of George Lucas himself. As I said there were five or six dolls, everyone began to speculate that if there were more members of their species, without realizing that they could be different dolls of the same character. The fact is that with Yoda Baby the magic of Yoda has been repeated. And this image also has a lot to do with it. As George Lucas said in a 2004 documentary: if Yoda's doll hadn't worked, everything The Empire Strikes Back and the rest of the saga would have collapsed. And there the merit is also from Jim Henson and, above all, but above all, from Frank Oz. The technical, mechanical part of Yoda was a 50/50 from Jim Henson's Creature Shop and Lucas's Industrial Light & Magic, but life, life was given by Oz.

Oz and Yoda merged into a single being, to the point that, says the legend, director Irvin Kershner, often gave instructions directly to Yoda instead of directing his comments to Oz. Not to mention Lucas, who entered Yoda's cabin and started talking to the puppet even if Oz was next.

Anyway, it is worth remembering where we came from. Because to know where we are going.

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