Baby Yoda already has her own stuffed animal (and is as adorable as you can imagine)

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Even if you have not seen 'The Mandalorian ', the 'spin-off' of 'Star Wars' that Disney + emits, it is more than likely that you know its protagonist, this adorable little creature that the Internet has dubbed as Baby yoda (Of which by the way we will know his real name in the second season, as its creators have said). With adorable long ears, a blanket that covers him and his little caldito, this character has become the sensation of the moment.

The Jedi master is not only the protagonist of countless memes on Twitter and Instagram. Some fashion firms have also joined this phenomenon by launching Baby Yoda t-shirts. But the madness for this character does not end here, because there are people who have gone beyond and have started to recreate makeup looks of this character or to be inspired by it to create cocktails.

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Baby Yoda already has her own stuffed animal and is as adorable as you can imagine

The fever for this character of 'The Mandalorian' continues to increase, so it was a matter of time before he had his own stuffed animal. However, from Disney they want to make us wait even more, because although it is already in its official store available for pre-sale, it will not officially arrive until March 9. Of course, the wait will be worth it, because it can't be more adorable. The price? $ 24.99.

'The Mandalorian': the baby Yoda stuffed animal.

Disney +

Can there be a better gift for a true 'The Mandalorian' fan?

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