B: The Beginning Succession: new trailer and release date on Netflix of the sci-fi series

A few hours ago the official Netflix channel released a new trailer, available with three different audio tracks, to present B: The Beginning Succession, second season of the series that will debut on the platform on March 18. In addition to the confirmation of the return of the voice actors of the first season, a key visual was also shared.

The anime will be made available worldwide, and Netflix’s official description of the second season, set a few months after the first, reads: “After Keith and Koku successfully solved the case, the world seems to be back to normal. A few months later, Keith returns to RIS to conduct several investigations, and Koku is living a quiet life with Yuna. However, the two receive a visit from Kirisame, believed dead after the attack on the Jaula Blanca Institute … “

As with the first season, B: The Beginning, Kazuto Nakazawa and Production IG appear as the original creators of the series, and while Itsuro Kawasaki was in charge of directing, Nakazawa himself held the role of director of supervision, composer alongside Katunari Ishida, and also character designer working with Akane Yano and Hideoki Kusama. Moreover, to compose the ending theme Be Down was created by ACCAMER.

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Pending the arrival of the second season, we leave you to our review of B: The Beginning.


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