Ayakashi Triangle: the designer of To-Love Ru returns, trailer and synopsis of chapter 1

Weekly Shonen Jump is changing in 2020: several conclusions have been announced for some time that are heavily changing the face of the magazine. Demon Slayer, Ghost Inn, The Promised Neverland are all series that have dragged on sales for years. Now, however, it is the turn of new levers and among these there is Ayakashi Triangle.

Ayakashi Triangle it is the first of four new series to arrive on Weekly Shonen Jump during June and July. Both the drawings and the story are the work of Kentaro Yabuki, a well-known mangaka who has been in the industry for some time. His first famous work is indeed Black Cat, published on Weekly Shonen Jump in the early 2000s. A partnership then began with Saki Hasemi for To-Love Ru and To-Love Ru Darkness, eventually ending up working on the manga adaptation of Darling in the Franxx in recent years.

Now the author has returned alone to Weekly Shonen Jump with Ayakashi Triangle which made its debut today 15 June 2020. The magazine has obviously released a teaser trailer based on the images from the first chapter and which you can see below in the tweet. The video opens to the story of Matsuri and Suzu in their world based on Ayakashi and exorcisms. But what is the first chapter about?

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Matsuri is a member of the Kazamaki family, known for the ability to practicing exorcisms on Ayakashi. These are creatures that can be seen by few humans and are sometimes ferocious and sometimes docile. Matsuri has decided to become the new head of the family business, which is in charge of exorcising the Ayakashi, for keep her childhood friend Sena safe. The girl is not aware that she has a spiritual power strong enough to attract Ayakashi of all kinds and therefore could be attacked by evil creatures at any moment.

This danger materializes when Shirogane arrives, an Ayakashi apparently cute and weak but who actually has boundless power. Sena is in danger and Matsuri intervenes by sealing the monster's power. Too bad that the latter managed to use a spell on Matsuri transforming him into a girl and thus ruining Sena's romantic intentions. How will the life of the two protagonists of Ayakashi Triangle continue after this transformation?


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