Avengers: Volume 37 presented “new” Iron Fist and Dr. Strange

The current narrative arc of the new magazine dedicated to Avengers is showing the Mightiest Heroes on Earth in an intense battle with Moon Knight and his mentor, Khonshu, who gave his name to a new Era within the Marvel Comics multiverse, also changing the importance of some objects that appeared in the past.

The 37th volume of the series showed the Avengers team divided into several groups, all engaged in the fight in question, with Black Panther and Robbie Reyes against Khonshu himself. During the battle T’Challa recalls the powers of Iron Fist and the Mystical Arts of the Sorcerer Supreme, thus causing the physical totems containing these abilities to separate from the enemy’s body.

Later we see Black Panther return to his companions, who he asks to intervene using the totems in question, who immediately find two “guests”, She Hulk e Blade. In the spectacular table that you find at the bottom of the news, in fact, She Hulk is seen facing the subordinates of khonshu with the power of Iron Fist, while Blade exploits the abilities of Dr. Strange in his favor.

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A short but incredible moment, which he managed to give more space to two of the characters most appreciated by readers of the adventures of the new Avengers. Recall that Black Panther seems to have managed to wield Mjonir, and we leave you to the death of one of the main Marvel villains.


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