Avengers: Endgame – Alternative Credits Revealed

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Design studio Perception recently wanted to share the end credits of Avengers: Endgame in which they worked on behalf of Marvel, with whom they had already collaborated in films such as Black Panther and Thor: Ragnarok.

The credits shown were intended to review some of the key moments in UCM history to date, and studio director Doug Appleton says they came up with the perfect idea how to do it when Kevin Feige defined a little bit what they wanted.

“Honestly, once the excitement was over it was a little intimidating. How do you end a movie that ends the story that started 22 movies ago? So when we spoke to Kevin Feige of Marvel Studios he offered us the idea of ​​giving this scene a tone like the actors’ farewell in the theater, then everything fell into place”

It also says that viewers aren’t expecting motion design sequences when such a movie ends, that all they want is more footage of their favorite characters. So they decided to create a sequence that celebrated the great moments of these characters.

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The idea for the actual signature of the actors to appear on these final scenes was also from Kevin Feige, as detailed in the complete review of the design of the credits that the design studio has published on its official page. It is there where you can see part of the alternative designs that were not seen at the end of the film.

For years, the credits of the UCM have been among the most outstanding in action cinema for their habit of locating scenes where the arrival of the following films were prepared and for having motion design sequences or other original ideas that made viewers not They will get up from the cinema until everything is really over.

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