Avatar The legend of Aang: a crossover transforms the rulers into a Pokémon gym leader

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Avatar: the legend of Aang is becoming popular again thanks to the publication of the series on the Netflix streaming platform and many animation fans are coming into contact for the first time with the work created by Michaeld Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko in 2005.

If on the one hand we find new fans on the other there are longtime fans who always manage to come up with new ways to celebrate their favorite characters, this time they have succeeded by joining the universe of Aang with that of the world's most famous portable monsters, branded Game Freak and Nintendo, Pokémon.

As you can see in the post at the bottom of the news, the user @ mojgonv paid homage to these two franchises by dedicating particular illustrations to them, proposing the dominators of the various elements as gym leaders of the Pokémon world.

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Of course, each trainer has been joined by Pokémon linked in some way to a specific element, for example, in the case of Aang there are flying monsters, such as Doduo, Hoothoot, Togekiss, Swablu, Pidgeotto, and also one of the new Pokémon introduced in the eighth generation with the Pokémon games Sword and Shield, or Rookidee.

Recall that a beautiful Omnibus of Avatar: The Legend of Aang has just been published, to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the series, and that Pokémon is also receiving some success both with the Pokémon series: Explorations and with the spin-off Twilight Wings.

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