Attention, 'Swifties'! We have the trailer for the Taylor Swift documentary that will premiere on Netflix

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Taylor Swift, in a file photo.

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The last months of 2019 were not especially good for Taylor Swift due to the controversy with Scooter Braun. If you do not know what we are talking about or do not remember it well, we summarize it very briefly: the artist was disabled to sing her old songs. And not only that, the launch of his new documentary for Netflix He was also reeling and it was not very clear if he could finally come to light (he was not allowed to use his songs either in this production). To the joy of all the 'Swifties', we now know that such work will come to the platform and will do so very soon, on January 31. Oh, and his songs can also be sung. Double victory for her! This Tuesday was the interpreter herself who published the trailer on her YouTube account and left us ojipláticos … how much I skip!

Matters such as machismo in the music industry, the multiple criticisms he has received over the years that were directed at his weight, his group of friends or their relationships as well as the personal pursuit of happiness will be some of the issues addressed The extensive report.

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We are eager to see this new work by Taylor, which by the way, is not the first that the singer does for Netflix. At the end of 2018, his first documentary, 'Reputation Stadium Tour' was released, and seen the success, from the platform they have decided to have it again. Your new project is called 'Taylor Swift, Miss American', and will be screened at the Sundance Festival on January 23.

A documentary that only a true Taylor fan (among which we include) will appreciate, because in it, apart from taking a tour of his professional career, the more personal issues of the artist. Among them, her status as a feminist. As Netflix announced, the documentary will show "a crude and revealing portrait of one of the most iconic artists of our time during a period of her transformative life."

Looks very good. We are already canceling all our plans by January 31.

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