Attack on Titan: that's when chapter 130 comes out, no surprise for fans

These months in Japan have been rather turbulent due to the Coronavirus emergency but everything is slowly returning to normal. Excellent signs of recovery have come from the world of The attack of the Giants. In fact, we saw Eren and his companions again thanks to the trailer for The Attack of the Giants 4, or the final season.

As for the manga, yesterday it officially returned to office thanks to the release of Bessatsu Shonen Magazine, the container magazine where Hajime Isayama writes. Therefore readers of Crunchyroll were able to enjoy The Attack of the Giants chapter 129 thanks to the official English translation. After reading, fans inevitably wondered when the manga would return.

Luckily it has been confirmed that The Attack of the Giants 130 will not be delayed, at least for the moment, given that the release of Bessatsu Shonen Magazine number 8 which will contain the chapter in question will be published regularly on 9 July 2020. It will mean that we will have to wait another month, or the canonical timing, for the next chapter of The Attack of the Giants.

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A small satisfaction, even if we will not be able to enjoy the manga of Hajime Isayama for long: the mangaka has in fact announced that the Attack of the Giants is 95% of the completion and very little is missing at an end that it could materialize by the end of 2020. Are you ready to greet the manga protagonists?


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