Attack on Titan: Mikasa in uniform and lingerie in this Joanne cosplay

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The world of The attack of the Giants he is bleak, bloody, threatening. Soldiers and female soldiers must give their lives to try to face their enemies, the giants eat men who have besieged the walls since time immemorial. Despite this brutality, among the protagonists of the manga and the anime there are those who manage to conquer with its beauty.

We are obviously talking about one of the prominent female characters of The Attack of the Giants, that is Mikasa Ackerman, who has always accompanied Eren Jaeger and Armin Arlet ever since she was rescued by a group of criminals. While repeatedly showing its strength between training and clashes with giants, among fans it is also known for its beauty that has conquered some characters such as Jean Kirchstein.

In the manga and anime of The Attack of the Giants we hardly see Mikasa in a risque or provocative way, but in the world of fan-made cosplay anything can happen. And it happened in fact with the representation of Joanneofarciol, girl who wanted to create a Mikasa Ackerman cosplay but in lingerie.

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In photo at the bottom, divided into two parts, we can see his Mikasa cosplay with the brown jacket of the Exploration Legion and the red scarf, but in the second half it is well known that the girl does not have much else on her. For less provocative cosplay but much more faithful to the whole uniform, we refer you to the one created by Ays for Mikasa, waiting to see her in action in The Attack of the Giants 4.

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