Attack on Titan: John Boyega expresses his appreciation for the series

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On several occasions, Star Wars actor John Boyega has expressed his enthusiasm for the Japanese animation scene. Two of the series that have most influenced him are Naruto and the attack of the Giants.

Boyega once again paid homage to the Isayama series, uploading a photo on Twitter in which it flaunts a cup characterized by the iconic brand of the Reconnaissance Army. The British actor, on the occasion of an interview a few months ago, recommended to neophytes the series with which to start approaching Japanese animation:

"Saying the Attack of the Giants, Naruto and One-Punch Man. One-Punch-Man is a lot of fun."

The Attack of the Giants series is at a topical moment in his narrative – both as regards the manga, which will end shortly, and on the front of the animated series. It is rumored that the fourth season will air from October 2020, but this is an indiscretion that has not yet been confirmed. The Studio Mappa will take care of its realization.

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The latter will be assisted in production by the Thundray studio, a Chinese company that is often commissioned to work on the less salient aspects of animations. We would like to clarify that the studio in question has already participated in both the second and third seasons of the series, therefore in their small way it still constitutes a certainty.

The Attack of the Giants: a video showing the thrill of the attraction in virtual reality. The crossover between The Seven Deadly Sins and the Attack on Titan is official.

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