Attack on Titan: Hajime Isayama reveals what he will do in the next manga

The mangaka Hajime Isayama has been working on the Attack of the Giants for ten years. In the process of making his eleventh birthday, which will arrive on September 9, the author is also getting closer and closer to the conclusion of the work. In fact, he revealed that the Attack of the Giants lacks 5% to reach the end.

It means that the work is really very close to the conclusion and it pairs with the Isayama's statement a few months ago that he wanted The Attack of the Giants to end by 2020. But the mangaka, during the interview carried out in the past few hours, spoke not only of his current work but also of the future that will await him after the conclusion.

First he stated that he has already prepared the plot of the last chapters of The Attack of the Giants but from preparing it to drawing it it can change a lot, depending on how the characters will move. Isayama then starts talking about the next manga that most likely will focus on black comedy. Finally, he lets himself go, revealing that he would prefer the sauna to black humor, which he has said he loves in many other interviews. The tone of his next manga could therefore change a lot.

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Will you follow Hajime Isayama even after the end of the Attack on Titan?


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