Attack on Titan: Eren Jaeger's actor Haruma Miura leaves us in Live Action

The Live Action de The attack of the Giants it didn't have an easy life, as the response from the audience was sensationally negative to the enormous plot distortions exerted by the production. Still, it can only sadden us the news of the last hour that sees the departure of Haruma Miura, the actor of Eren.

While we await news about the Hollywood adaptation of The Attack of the Giants, news caught the community dedicated to the masterpiece of surprise by surprise Hajime Isayama. The Japanese interpreter of the protagonist of the story, Haruma Miura, was found dead in his home last night. According to the first rumors leaked by the authorities, the cause would seem to be comparable to suicide, although investigations are still ongoing.

A particularly shocking news, also by virtue of the young age of the actor who was just thirty years old. We too, of course, join the pain of the family and that of all the opera fans who, just like Miura, share the love of Isayama sensei's manga.

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Before leaving, finally, we remind you that among our pages are available the latest news from the Hollywood adaptation of The Attack of the Giants regarding the faithfulness of the transposition. And you, instead, what do you think of this unpleasant news? Tell us yours, as usual, with a comment below.


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