Attack on Titan: a user gives us a taste of the 4D roller coaster

The attack of the Giants is a particularly hot topic in recent days, thanks to the release of the new trailer for the fourth and final season of the animated series. The news for the Isayama brand does not end here.

Universal Studios Japan has implemented the Attack On Titan XR Ride attraction, allowing participants to adopt a first-person perspective as a member of the Reconnaissance Army, and to whiz across the city skyline running into the disturbing Titans.

A Reddit user shared this insane experience, giving us a little taste of how the roller coaster manages to catapult you into the world of the Attack of the Giants. In addition, Universal Studios Japan also has a section, always related to Isayama's work, in which it is possible to pretend to be a member of the Eldian race forced to flee from the ravenous titans.

Universal Studios Japan have included numerous anime sections in their amusement park. We cite for example Detective Conan, Sailor Moon, ONE PIECE and Neon Genesis Evangelioncapable of magnetizing branches of enthusiasts every year.

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Would you like to experience such an attraction? Tell us below in the comments!

Attack on Titan 4: the trailer shows a new titan, the Giant Jaw. The final season of the Attack of the Giants is on its way, and fans are eager to witness the next development of the story. But what are the chapters to read to prepare for an optimal vision?


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