Attack on Titan 4: the most anticipated scenes of the last season

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The trailer for The Attack of the Giants 4 made attention to the title skyrocket again. This season will also be the last one and will inevitably have to be perfectly adapted by the MAPPA Studio. After talking about the general expectations of The Attack of the Giants 4, let's see what the most awaited scenes are.

All the events described here have already been narrated in the manga up to chapter 129 of the last month, therefore if you are not the same you could find in the spoiler on The Attack of the Giants, especially in the last few paragraphs.

Let's go in chronological order starting from battle with Liberius, with the appearance of Eren Jaeger and the massacre of the Marleyans while the new Colossal Giant of Armin and the rest of the Exploratory Legion with Levi, Mikasa, Sasha, Connie and Jean appear in the background. Obviously much of this battle will also focus on the new Hammer Giant and the return of the Armored Giant.

Leaving aside the calm phase following this battle, we are already heading towards the final battles with him clash between Levi and Zeke Jaeger. In the forest, Zeke played a bad shot at Levi to get him out of the way and carry out his plan, but things will not go the right way for both.

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Let's move on the siege by Marley and the battle of Shiganshina. The chaos here is the master and some moments will be topical such as the beheading of Eren but also the journey into the past of Zeke and Eren and the achievement by the protagonist of The Attack of the Giants of the power of Ymir. With this, Eren will become the new Original Giant. And attached to this, the march of the colossal giants, about to destroy the world, must be perfectly animated.

Then there is the siege at the port which was narrated in the last chapters of The Attack of the Giants by Isayama, with the Annie and Reiner return to the battlefield together. Finally, a part that is not yet present in the manga, will be the expected series finale which will undoubtedly be full of moving and impactful scenes.

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