Attack on Titan 4: manga and trailer of the anime compared in a fan video

With a bombastic trailer, The Attack of the Giants is back. The anime had given rise to rumors about rumors in the past few months, particularly about the group that would take care of the animations, but in the past few weeks many details have been resolved. We must therefore wait for October 2020, the date which has not been changed for now, to see the last season.

Before doing so, it is of course appropriate to retrieve the chapters of the manga of The Attack of the Giants in order to prepare adequately for the vision of the final season. While there are those who reread, or start reading the contents of the Hajime Isayama comic for the first time, there were those who wanted use the trailer to draw a parallel with the manga scenes.

The Twitter Attack on Fans page, always focused on The Attack of the Giants, has shared a video that you can see below where a comparison is made between the trailer and the comic. The entire trailer is on the left, while pages and cartoons from which those animated scenes are drawn flow on the right. This way you can appreciate the work of the MAPPA study, both in moments in which it seeks total loyalty and in those where it offers a completely different overview to adapt events to the new format.

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Obviously the video could reserve some spoilers, in particular for the final images that flow quickly in the trailer and that looking at the pages of the manga could give life to a new meaning.


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