Attack on Titan 130 becomes an anime thanks to the efforts of a fan

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We have just entered the month of August and this means that there is little left for the release of Bessatsu Shonen Magazine number 9. This magazine will bring with it the chapter 131 of The Attack of the Giants, officially released on August 7, 2020. But waiting of the next release, a fan has decided to devote his time to chapter 130.

In chapter 130 of The Attack on Titan we have seen Eren Jaeger advance in his skeletal form as he leads an endless host of colossal giants. After the flashback of the protagonist who occupied the first half of the chapter, we observe the submarine advance of these monsters more than fifty meters high.

As enemy ships flock to the bay off Marley's shores, giants emerge and completely disrupt boats. It seems that there is no longer any chance of salvation for the population living outside of Paradise, while the earth begins to tremble again under the weight of the feet of this myriad of giants.

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The scene of Eren's arrival in Marley was filmed by a fan who used the cartoons of Hajime Isayama's manga, along with some effects, to make a sort of anime. The two and a half minute video is available at the top and focuses on this last phase of the chapter of The Attack of the Giants. Apart from the use of some missiles that unfortunately ruin the atmosphere in certain situations, the animations presented are not bad at all and manage to make Eren's threatening aura even more tangible. Now all that remains is to wait for the beginning of 2021 to observe this scene in Attack on Titan 4.

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