Attack of the Giants: The Attack Giant is shown in a splendid statue

Among the works that over the last few years have managed to impose itself strongly on the industry, one of the most important and talked about is undoubtedly The attack of the Giants, an epic that has been able to conquer a vast audience first through paper production and then through an animated adaptation.

The series is still in full swing and has now entered to all intents and purposes in its most important narrative phases, a crescendo of events that have been speculating for a long time and that has led to a real invasion of cosplay and themed fan art. Given the enormous success, more and more companies are launching themselves into the creation of themed gadgets designed to intrigue the most passionate collectors.

Among the many, there are also the guys from Black Art Studio, who have recently unveiled a splendid statue themed The Attack of the Giants and specifically dedicated to Eren Jaeger. As can be seen in the images at the bottom of the news, the work in fact puts on display our well-known protagonist already transformed into the Attack Giant and is characterized by a great attention to detail. According to what was announced, the product is already available for pre-orders at a price that is actually quite low, that is 141 euros (without counting the shipping costs), while the release was set for the first quarter of 2021.

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Before saying goodbye, we also remind you that several spoilers related to the 132nd chapter of The Attack of the Giants have recently arrived.


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