Attack of the Giants 4×11 Review: the sins of the fathers

The eleventh episode of the final season of The attack of the Giants he continues his race towards the grand finale with small steps, and he does so with a transitional but very meaningful episode. The level of depth and writing of the work is now at very high levels and is able to reason on complex issues such as the relativism of war and the very sense of racism, and it is extraordinary to see how it manages to do this in a product intended for mass consumption. . In short, we are talking about an episode once again masterful, which confirms all the value of a work like Attack on Titan.

The impostors

Attack of the Giants 4×11 comes out today on VVVVID and starts right away with a strong scene, by the way animated and beautifully interpreted for technical composition and intensity of direction. Gabi and Falco, locked up in prison, orchestrate a textbook escape: the girl pretends to be ill, an Eldian soldier sincerely worried about his condition opens the cell and approaches, the Marleyana hits him to death with a brick until he smashes his head . It doesn’t matter that Hawk points out that the man had been nice to her: he is an Eldian demon and must die.

Then they go off into the forest, Falco tells Gabi to keep a low profile, but she can’t. because all Eldian demons must die. The two argue, Gabi is irritated with Falco because the young man should not have followed her if he wanted to live. Because she would die, but it doesn’t matter, provided that all Eldian demons die.

Then a girl arrives, Falco tells her friend not to be discovered and pretends to be an eldian who ran away from home with his younger sister. They are welcomed into a farm that houses war orphans, they receive kindnesses and a hot meal, but Gabi can’t do it, she doesn’t eat and she doesn’t let herself be touched, because those with whom she is dirty Eldian demons who just have to die.

Then a revelation, an opening and a dialogue. Falco and Gabi meet a peer of theirs who shows him the more innocent and dramatic side of Paradis: for every Eldian terrorist who massacred the Marleyan people in the attack on Liberio there is also a poor soul who has nothing to do with the war. For every demonic Eldian who a hundred years ago brought the nation of Marley to its knees, today there are innocents living on Paradis serving a century-old crime that they not only never committed, but even ignored its existence.

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So far away and yet so close

In short, while in other moments of episode 11 the horizontal plot of The Attack of the Giants 4 goes on, and the scenario in which the final battle will take place takes shape, the episode available on VVVVID from 23 February focuses on themes of great impact and surprisingly topical. And above all it proposes some sensational intertwining with the past that gives further depth to the exchanges between the characters involved. IS the quality of the dialogues, above all, to surprise for the intensity and effectiveness with which the anime (and obviously also the original manga) tells the darker side of the war, beautifully framing the best and worst of the factions involved, proposing a rhetoric that is not at all obvious on the sense and justice of the sins of fathers that fall on the children, or the weight of responsibility that positions such as command entail. It is therefore also in Hange’s storyline that the incredible refinement of a narrative emerges that strikes even when the rhythm of the work becomes surprisingly bland. An intense, exciting and beautiful episode on the issues side, but also exceptional on the technical side. Between music consistent with the staging and, above all, drawings of the highest level, enhanced by the usual and excellent close-ups, Attack on Titan Final Season travels slowly towards an epilogue that we can’t wait to see on screen, waiting to understand what news will reserve us the future of the animated franchise once we reach the elusive (and now close) sixteenth episode.


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