Attack of the Giants 133: Levi’s promise for an epic rematch

The last chapter ofAttack of the Giants brought us further closer to the conclusion of Hajime Isayama’s work, and showed once again the new Research Corps grappling with the new villain of the series, Eren Jaeger, and Captain Levi also appeared in the tables, promising to take revenge of the Giant Beast, aka Zeke.

After a Desperate escape of the Research Corps from the Rumbling, in which one of the most beloved characters by fans, Hange Zoe, lost his life, Mikasa and his companions boarded an airship to reach Eren as soon as possible, and stop his terrible plan which foresees the elimination of anyone who does not have Eldian blood in their veins.

While the soldiers discuss the different strategies with which to stop Jaeger’s advance, especially considering the abilities derived from the Attack Giant and the Progenitor Giant, Levi comes to a very interesting plan, which also includes a rematch on his part. Eren managed to obtain the powers in question also thanks to the intervention of the Giant Beast, for this to defeat Zeke it could be a great idea to stop, at least temporarily, the younger Jaeger.

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One of the most intense scenes seen so far is definitely the clash between Zeke and Levi, who despite being in quite serious physical condition, wants to take revenge on the Giant Beast, as you can see in the table at the bottom of the page. It therefore appears that Levi will actively participate in the plan to stop Eren, facing one of the most powerful adversaries ever to appear on the pages of Isayama’s work.

Recall that in the last chapter the existence of another incredible power lost in time was also revealed, and we leave you to Eren’s promise on the march of the colossals.


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