Arrow Season 8 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & News

Arrow Season 8 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & News

Arrow has stolen the hearts of its fans by giving them worth watching that is why this show has celebrated a long eight years of commitment. Arrow false under the category of superhero, action, mystery, crime which is based on the DC Comics! It is one of popular American superhero television series which has been developed by Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, and Marc Guggenheim.

The very first season has appeared in the year 2012 since then it has become favorite of all. Supergirl, legends from tomorrow and The Flash are the most favorites of episodes among all. Now as the eighth season is set to get released but rumors are that this will be the last show. Here, is every news about the Arrow.

Release date of the Arrow season 8

As the first episode of the first season of the arrow has appeared in October in the year 2012 on CW. So the eighth season will also look in the October month. It will release on October 15, 2019.

Arrow Season 8 cast

It is evident that as the story will move further, it will bring changes and climaxes. It is heard that both Josh Segarra and Colin Donnel will replication the role of Andrian Chase and Tommy Merlyn. They will pay their visit as a guest in the show. There is one character who will not be back in the show it is Colton Haynes, but speculations are there.

Even if he returns, he will be back as a guest on the show. Steph Amell is one of the main characters so the show she played Oliver, queen. Katie Cassidy Rodgers has played Laurel Lance/ black canary. Colin Donnel appeared as Tommy Merlyn.

David Ramsey has appeared as john Diggle/ Spartan. Willa Holland has appeared as Thea Queen/ speedy. Susanna Thompson has played the role of Moira queen. Paul Blackthorne appeared as Quentin Lance. Emily Bett Richards played the role of Felicity Smoak/ Overwatch. Colton Haynes has played the role of Roy Harper.

Manu Bennett appeared in the role of Slade Wilson/ Death stroke, and John Barrowman has played the role of Malcolm Merlyn/ dark archer. Echo Kellum is there as Curtis Holt/ mister terrific. Josh Segarra as Adrian Chase/ Prometheus. Rick Gonzalez has appeared as Rene Ramirez/ wild dog. Juliana Harkavy played the role of Dinah Drake/ Black canary.

Kirk Acevedo appeared as Ricardo Diaz/ Dragon. Sea Shimaoka as Emiko queen/ green arrow. Joseph David – Jones will appear as Connor Hawke. Katherine McNamara as Mia Smoak/ Blackstar!  Ben Lewis will be looking as William Clayton. On the other hand, Charlie Barnett will appear as Jogn Diggle, Jr.

Arrow Season 8 Plot

As the show season 7 has shown Mar Novu (The monitor), his appearance in the final moment for collecting Oliver queen aka The green arrow (Stephen Amell) for holding up his end of the bargain. Now after speculations, in the last season, Oliver and the monitor will travel to different worlds for warming up for the coming crisis. On the other hand, his death was forecasted by mar now.

Spoiler of Arrow season 8

The executive producer Marc Guggenheim has said that every episode of the arrow season eight will be on the journey of reminiscence dive into earlier chapters of the show! There will be more characters and plots. The new story will give a new spark to the show it will bring more to the show.

Arrow Season 8 Director/ writer

This series is based on DC comics and has been developed by Greg Berlanti. Andrew Kreisberg and Marc Guggenheim!

Arrow Season 8 trailer:

The teaser of the show arrow has been revealed in the time of SDCC 2019. By watching the teaser, one can catch a glimpse that this video is paying tribute to the journey of Oliver from turning rich brat to the hero of the star city. When teaser ends, it steals the heart of the watcher which says – Just one more thing I have to do!

Arrow Season 8 News

News is in the air that the final season will have ten episodes with a big climax. Even Stephen Amell has tweeted recently that shooting of the last season has already taken place. Amell has also posted some dialogues from season 8 on his twitter handles. Which is already taken place in the heart of the people as – If I let you help me, you will get hurt, or you will get killed, and it will be because of me. You do not know that I do that! Awesome!

As this is going to be the final episode of the arrow, so many wonders would take place, and so many things will even change the perception of the show. Now this will be very exciting to watch how this long journey would end in 1 episode and how it will make sit forever place in the hearts of people.


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