Arrow: Did the Oliver Queen finale end a circle? Marc Guggenheim replies

In Crisis on the Infinite Lands we witnessed the epilogue of the story of Oliver Queen, the first character of the Arrowverse, but what did it mean for the creators of the show? To answer the showrunner of the universe The CW Marc Guggenheim. We warn that you may find some spoiler in the following.

"From the beginning, I have always made the argument that Oliver should die"he revealed to ComicBook Movie microphones. "And the reason is simple: just think of who he is, what he has become, Oliver Queen when we meet him in the pilot episode. Before being abandoned in Lian Yu he was a spoiled idiot. When he returns from those five years of hell he is now the equivalent of a serial killer, especially in the first season, and I always thought that the amount of blood on his hands should eventually be washed with his own blood. I never thought that his story could end any other way.

"The original plan, for me, was that he would die in the last episode of the series, but once we knew that Crisis on Infinite Earth could move forward with Arrow's last season, we changed some things. I know there are many fans who think Oliver deserved a happy ending, but I would put my hand on the fire that we gave him one in true Arrow style. This has always been a dark show and I think it was successful because of its dark tones. This is one of the reasons why the idea that he could have a traditional happy ending, in which he would run into the sunset with his wife and daughter, clashed with the style of the entire narrative".

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Guggenheim then concluded by stating that, in his intimate, too Oliver knew that sooner or later he would arrive at his final game and that he would not come out the winner. To take the reins of Stra City and to carry on the legacy of Arrow there will be the sequel / spin-off Green Arrow and the Canaries on which we expect imminent updates and according to the first details revealed by Greg Berlanti Green Arrow and teh Canaries characters will give a more modern interpretation of DC characters


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