Argo, Sheila Vand recalls: 'Ben Affleck? Contagious energy and down to earth '

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When your big screen debut comes with an ambitious film like Argon (not surprisingly a winner at the Oscars that year), stuffed with top-level actors and with Ben Affleck behind the camera, the result can easily be that of feeling fear and awe.

None of this, however, went to hinder the path of Sheila Vand, which in Affleck's film found its first, very important occasion in Hollywood: the actress, at the age of twenty-seven and with only shorts behind her and some appearances on TV, in fact keeps an excellent memory of the days spent on the set.

"Ben Affleck has a contagious energy and is a truly person with your feet on the ground. I was so nervous! It was my first major film. I like to say it a lot. And then it was a film with a very important cast, John Goodman and all these fantastic people, I felt like a new story, but he puts you immediately at ease. It created such a safe and welcoming environment that I was immediately sure I could do a great job, because I was no longer afraid"said Vand.

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The actress then continued: "I can't work well with directors from being tyrannical. He is absolutely not like that. I don't know if it's because he's an actor too, but he seemed to really respect our work, he wanted to create an environment for us as comfortable as possible. And then, in general, he is so friendly that he never has that attitude from: 'I am a celebrity, I am untouchable'".

Just his Oscar-winning film has created some headache in Affleck recently: the actor has in fact been accused of whitewashing for his performance in Argos.

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