Are Seasons 1-12 of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ on Netflix?

Are Seasons 1-12 of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ on Netflix?

The Combination of Science and Comis you have seen in ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Series. Don’t know you love it or hate it but you have been enjoying series for sure. For this Netflix Season, the availability of The Big Bang Theory is depended upon the where you live. Your Region has decided how to connect it with The Big Bang Theory.

The Big Bang Theory
The Big Bang Theory

This Show is currently completed the twelve season. And the Season 12 is the Final Season of The Big Bang Theory. There is a guide for how to stream The Big Bang Theory on your Region.

The Big Bang Theory has been serving you human plus science since 2007. and after 12 years with 12 seasons, it has been closed in the shelf. So, it is the Goodbye of your beloved character.

These Seasons have made many actors careers such as Jim Parsons and he has been offered for the $50 Million of next Season. Next, for many professors who lived in the misfit flats, they are living in the bungalow now.

Hundreds of people are praised for next season after emotional Bye-Bye of with Season 12. All of the Season is Appear on Netflix.

Here is the Promo of The Big Bang Theory Season 12.

Are Season 1 to 12 of The Big Bang Theory on Netflix US?

First Let’s start with the United States. The Big Bang Theory is not Currently Streaming on Netflix. This is for only the US Region. The USA Region Netflix Did not give the entry to The Big Bang Theory.

Currently, Warner Brothers have Streaming Rights of The Big Bang Theory. So, they have not distributed streaming rights to the other platform. So it is not streaming anywhere else now. Currently, CBS only have the Big Bang Theory Rights.

Now, Next CBS Shares distribution rights to the HBO Max which is coming for 2020. So, for that HBO Max have to pay $1 Billion to purchase the streaming rights. and for Two and Half Man.

On the other side, you will get the Netflix DVD holds the Season 1 to 11 in it. If you want to watch The Big Bang Theory then rent Netflix DVD.

Currently, The Big Bang Theory is streaming in Australia, United Kingdon, Brazil, Luxenberg, The Netherlands, Thailand, South Korea, Colombia.

This all-region have at least seven-season On Netflix and Next September will drop all of 12 Seasons.

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