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 Aquaman: Underworld

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Aquaman Underworld cover

Original edition: Aquaman no. 25-30 USA
Departure date: August 2019
Script: Dan Abnett
He drew: Stjepan Sejic
Format: Cardboard, 160 pages. In color.
Price: € 18'95

When Mort Weisinger and Paul Norris created Aquaman in 1941 They probably didn't think it would end up being adapted in the form of a movie and earning $ 1 billion. Probably not even their producers expected it.

Arthur Curry has always been a character with a lot of potential which, however, does not usually have the support of fans. Member of the Justice League in full right, has stood up to countless challenges and rivals, being the toughest to defeat the jokes. Why Aquaman spent years being a joke, a "meme", a recurring series gag like Big Ban Theory or Family Guy who have always made the king of the seas look like a useless character, despite being one of the most powerful in the entire Deceit pantheon, until Peter David came to dignify him. David came to the character's collection and built a new and clear mythology around him, established his past in the Atlantis Chronicles, introduced new characters and gave Mr. Curry a new look: long hair, beard (does this look sound like? ) and a hook instead of hand, which he would recover years later.

It is important to have this clear when you start talking about Underworld because it shows in its pages an inspiration in this classic stage of the character, a stage that together with Geoff Johns in New 52 are the main bases of what we saw in the cinema, and the presence of the character in the cinema greatly influenced as this work happened, recovering just in time the looks that the character looked in the 90s.

In Underworld, screenwriter Dan Abnett (who is remembered for doing a cosmic Marvel renewal with Andy Lanning) poses a situation in low hours for Atlantis, with the disappearance of his king after being killed by his own guard. So, during the first pages, Arthur will be nothing more than a shadow, a rumor among the alleys, and he will take advantage of it to resume from the lowest funds and resurface towards his legitimate throne. Meanwhile, we have a Mera on the surface who feels unable to face the death of his beloved, but when rumors that the mestizo has returned resurface he will decide to get going to help him save, once again, the city of Atlantis .

Aquaman by Abnett and SejicThe drawer, Stjepan Sejic, who rose to fame thanks to his Sunstone series, delights us in this arc with its characteristic stroke, something static in certain situations but that never ceases to surprise own and strangers with his style with influences from multiple media, characters – especially female ones – who stand out for their beauty and a very clean line with a perfect color for the work. The scenarios and designs of the protagonists and secondary are taken care of and look spectacularly, as well as the faces and hair. Sejic, as I said in previous lines, is known for his work on his erotic series, so We are not surprised that anatomically the characters are not only correct, but slender and, above all, expressive.

It is very difficult to go deeper once these initial bases have been commentedWell, commenting on how the plot progresses would make us go into a spoiler and I don't intend to gut anyone's work. You have to keep in mind that, although it is a self-exclusive volume derives from the just previous events, developed during the Aquaman collection: Renaissance (published on a quarterly basis by ECC) and will present consequences that will continue in the following numbers of its regular collection. Despite this, can be read -and arises- as an autonomous work without much difficulty, and those loose ends that remain will help us to want to enter new and old adventures of the character, but it is that if it stands out for something this comic is for the respect and love of the character and his mythology. It is a work that drinks directly from the mythology that Peter David created, taking characters, myths, Atlantean tradition, and still leaving room for new characters created for the occasion and that Sejic endows with very particular characteristics that make you realize at first sight That is an original design of yours.

Aquaman by Abnett and Sejic

This is a volume that you have to approach if you like Aquaman, if you enjoy his adventures and the characters that make up his universe, but also if you want to approach the character for the first time. It may not be his most accessible work for a new reader – nor by far is the most complicated – but without a doubt it's going to be a great superhero comic that shows that the times are behind when Arthur Curry was a joke for the sitcom on duty. Aquaman is and will be one of the most worthy characters of the deceased pantheon as long as he has authors who do him justice. ECC brings it to us in a cardboard that sins because of the lack of introduction that context to the work (being a part of the regular series is essential to me) but it does add some character designs that feel very good to the volume, making a Good edition of the work.

Aquaman by Abnett and Sejic

The king has died. Long live the king.

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