Applications that promise to track a mobile: locating a number can be expensive

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The mantra that says "there is an application for everything"It is usually true for a good number of situations, but there is not always an app for what you want to do. A very clear example is to track people using the phone number: although the idea that it can be done is extended , the reality is not so clear.

It is true that a person can be located with an Android application, but a premise must always be given: the number to be located must give permission. Or, at a minimum, you need to have some kind of software installed on your mobile that enable location sharing (something prohibited and that may incur a crime). Even so, there are many developers who take advantage of this ignorance to try to strain their applications. In the Google Play store we find a good sample.

Apps that hint track mobile

Although locating a number is feasible (the operators could do it under a judicial mandate, for example), this service is not accessible to anyone; Hence, no matter how much some applications suggest, there is not much to do to find another person. Yes, functions such as sharing the real-time location of WhatsApp could be used, also the same option that includes Google Maps; apart from other examples, such as the mythical Cerberus. Of course, this requires the consent of the other person.

As we said, Google Play usually reflects some doubtful behaviors. It is the case of Hulahoop, an application that has risen like foam in recent weeks (AppBrain records an evolution of 10,000 downloads to more than one million in 22 days) and that, despite the fact that in the application store file it does not faithfully reflect the idea of tracking phones, yes it does when it comes to promoting. To do this, just read the comments: a large part of a star and with complaints that Hulahoop does not do what he promised; in addition to maintaining deceptive behavior at force subscribe to access the app.

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The application promises to locate another person through their phone number, but the advertising does not correspond to reality

It is not the only app since this deceptive behavior proliferates by many other applications of the Google Play store. Simply use the "track mobile" search to discover more examples. FindNow, Locate mobile by number or Track cell by number, the list is very wide. And all tend to coincide: they suggest that they are able to spy on the location of any person by entering their number, they usually take advantage of subscriptions as soon as the application is started (the user has no choice but to subscribe to use it and after the first free days you will receive the receipts) and bad opinions abound among the comments. Just do not end up disappearing from the store.

Beware of these applications

Google Play Subscription

All are free and tend to advertise on YouTube and Google search with misrepresented promises to locate phones. However, they tend to abuse advertising (some apps even introduce adware) and, as we have said, hide in such a way the functions that invite (or directly force) to subscribe to the services to use the software. And the subscriptions are not cheap: in the case of Hulahoop, and after seven days for free (the hook for the user to trust), the monthly receipt will be almost 16 euros. All for options that the user does not search and can find in applications such as WhatsApp or Google Maps.

It is advisable not to trust these applications and raise awareness of who is less used to using the smartphone. This will always be the most vulnerable person.

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