Apple Arcade and iOS games: all the news of the week, waiting for The Survivalists

After bringing The Last Campfire to Apple Arcade, the Cupertino house describes all the content accessible for this week on iOS systems by subscribers to its subscription service, including free games and updates to the titles already available.

For this week, Apple Arcade users can flesh out the digital playroom of their smartphone, tablet and iOS system with A Monster’s Expedition, a puzzle-packed fantasy adventure developed by Draknek & Friends. The title plunges us into a bucolic atmosphere to make us interpret a monster who, intrigued by the arrival of human beings, decides to embark on a journey to visit the bizarre architecture built by his new “neighbors”.

With the arrival of A Monster’s Expedition, in the “Coming Soon” section of Apple Arcade we see the name of The Survivalists: the multiplayer sandbox of Team17 will become part of the service catalog shortly. In the meantime, we can enjoy the new Grindstone activities, What the Golf ?, Spaceland and Spongebob Patty Pursuit. Here are the details of the latest updates:

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  • Grindstone – Quick Grind mode, which challenges players to get the most out of a single level in just ten rounds that will keep them in suspense; Greed Grind mode, formerly called Daily Grind, with two new caves and twenty new levels
  • What the Golf? – Challenge Me pack with new levels, leaderboards and achievements
  • SpongeBob Patty Pursuit – new world with six levels based on a more complex design and a cooperative mode
  • Spaceland – new missions in which players must stop the energy production in the space laboratory, break free from a trap set up in an industrial warehouse, deactivate the production of mutagen in a hidden underground facility and make their way through the cold room full of monsters

Before leaving you to the video of A Monster’s Expedition, we remind you that on the pages of you can read our review of The Last Campfire, the latest adventure developed by Hello Games, the authors of No Man’s Sky.


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