Antony Starr proud of the fan who risked his life dressed as a Patriot

On Halloween night, Patriot saved a man from a burning building. No, this is not the plot of an episode of The Boys but a true story, starring a fan of the series dressed in Homelander’s clothes.

In fact, the hateful superhero played by Antony Starr would have given up or added fuel to the flames. Chris Taylor, citizen of Ohaio, instead proved to be a hero in all respects when he had the opportunity to intervene and rescue a man in danger of life.

A surprising gesture and even the actor wanted to comment on the news on Twitter: “I can never be prouder than that as a father“.

The homage actually contains a playful reference to the second season of the series, in which Patriot is the protagonist of one complicated father-son dynamics from his egotism. Apparently Ryan may not be the heir the Super expected him to be, but there are still those who prove to be up to the role of a true superhero.

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Patriot, on the other hand, prefers to slaughter innocent people and crush others in order to appear the best. Luckily sometimes reality proves much better than fantasy… We just have to wait until 2021 to find out what the future of The Boys will be.


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