Antonio Romero: "One of the two has to leave the club"

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The harsh statement he has released Leo Messi announcing the reduction of wages in Barcelona's first squad has been the subject of an intense debate in the open bar of 'BE Sports'. Analysts from the SER sports team have spoken about the consequences of the harsh message from the Argentine star and the situation that is taking place within the club.

Antonio Romero. Cohabitation between Leo Messi and Josep Maria Bartomeu is impossible. One of the two has to leave the club.

Jordi Martí. The hobby is holding its breath. Neymar's troubles accumulate, the trouble with Xavi, the Barçagate… We know that Messi has a clause and he can go whenever he wants.

Anton Meana. At Real Madrid there was a similar situation – discrepancies between the star and the board – and the one who came out was Cristiano Ronaldo. I want to know if Barcelona needs to do an ERTE after the staff cuts their salary and donates money for the rest of the workers. Is it so bad?

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Jordi Martí. The players are going to be very good because they only reduce 300,000 euros a month. Barcelona's problem is that it cannot pay the payrolls. It borders on an extremely delicate situation. In ERTE is the viability of the club. The losses of this period can be between 150 and 200 million.

Miguel Martín Talavera. I do not see so much fear because Messi has always ended up renewing. At Atlético the ERTE is being prepared. The players are going to reduce the salary and complete the rest of the club's workers.

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