Antoni Daimiel responds to what nobody dares to answer about … communism

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As every week Antoni Daimiel underwent in Carousel Deportivo the most difficult test of Dani Garrido and Dani Álvarez. In this case, the theme was "the communists are coming."

A test that comes after this week has started the new coalition government between PSOE and United We Can, the first coalition government of democracy in Spain.

If you had been appointed minister of this government on Monday, would you have sworn before God or promised by honor? Who do the children belong to? Do you prefer the parental pin or the inverted red triangle pin? If the Government of Murcia ignores the government's request to cease the application of the parental pin, would you apply 155 of the Constitution? What is less coherent: being on the left and having a villa or living in a working class neighborhood and being on the right?

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