Anti-coronavirus helmets: this is the NFL invention to prevent contagions during the pandemic

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The NFL will implement the use of helmets with extra protection to prevent the spread of coronavirus (AP)
The NFL will implement the use of helmets with extra protection to prevent the spread of coronavirus (AP)

All sports have been forced to adapt to the pandemic, most of them eliminating the presence of spectators and isolating the protagonists. But in the National Football League (NFL) They have gone a little further and decided to implement new elements to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 during the activity: they will be used anti-coronavirus helmets.

A group of engineers have worked on these new models that have been endorsed by the doctors of the professional league of American football and by the Players Association. Signature Oakley, manufacturer of the product, will begin to distribute these new helmets to 32 teams that make up the league in the coming days.

It's about a clear plastic with slits or holes that block any direct path of a drop, but which in turn promote air flow, communication and sound waves.

The main modification is that now players will have covered eyes, nose and mouth, in order to avoid dispersion of saliva particles during games and training. Precisely, the NFL training camps are scheduled to start later this month.

These are the new helmets that will be worn in the NFL during the pandemic (AP)
These are the new helmets that will be worn in the NFL during the pandemic (AP)

This measure is part of the document of 42 pages that Nfl and the players union They agreed last week, which also includes special care for team trips and use of facilities, among other issues.

From the organization they hope that the players have time to check that the new helmets are not detrimental to their performance. "We had a discussion about it several months ago. From the beginning, the NFL Players Association, its medical advisors, its engineers have been committed to us. We have also had a dialogue with the players trying to see the first prototypes and developments."Confirmed Allen Sills, medical director of the league, in dialogue with the official website.

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At the moment, these new helmets with mouth guards have already been distributed to Los Angeles Rams and its neighbors, The Chargers, two teams near the base of operations of Oakley.

Since March, the equipment facilities have been closed by the COVID-19 and the players of the Nfl They have trained virtually, although group work is expected to begin in a couple of weeks. It will be the first time that instead of four preseason weeks only two have been completed, since the idea is that the competition starts next September, 10th with the Kansas City Chiefs, current champions, facing the Houston Texans.


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