Animals and objects in 3D with the augmented reality of Google Playground, how to install it on your mobile

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Google Playground is a system of stickers, characters (Playmojis) and Emojis animated by augmented reality that, thanks to the phone's camera, you can combine with the exterior to play with the result and even take photos mixing 'normal' and augmented reality. The effect is as curious as it is fun, it's worth a try.

Do you want to have all kinds of animals, objects and even Pokémon characters at your fingertips? Well Google Playground makes it possible. Thanks to ARCore's services, Google's augmented reality enables infinite possibilities in the Pixel. And the good thing is that there are ways to 'play' with Playground on other non-Pixel mobiles: for this, the phone needs to be compatible with Google Play services for augmented reality and that it has a Gcam installed.

It is essential to have a Gcam installed

Animals Augmented Reality Google Playground

Playground is a feature added to the Google camera on Pixel phones. For this reason, you need your mobile to have characteristics similar to the aforementioned phones, which are:

  • The mobile must be compatible with Google Play services for augmented reality.
  • You need a modified Google camera that works.
  • You need to have the Playground application installed.

Google Playground works on a huge variety of devices, usually in all those that are compatible with Google Play services for RA. So the first step is to make sure that your Android is compatible with the software: just go to the Google Play store and check that the RA services are installed or that you can install them. If your phone is not compatible you will not be able to access Playground, neither to the 3D animals that are available from Google search.

Google Play services for RA

Google Play services for RA

Do you already have Google Play services for RA? Let's continue with the process.

  • You must have installed a Gcam application (Google camera) that works on your device. Or what is the same: do not give error when opening it. It is best to opt for some old and stable version, like this one from Arnova8G2 (6.1). If it does not help you, try to find a Gcam that is suitable for your phone.
  • Make sure you can open Google camera and that you have access to the functions within the 'More' section.
  • It is time to install the Playground package: download the latest version from Celso Azevedo.
  • Once you have installed the Playground Apk, open the Google camera and go to 'More'. You will see that the available option appears. Click there.
  • You will have access to a few stickers; with the option to download the rest by clicking on its link. If you want all the animals and objects in full, you can download the Celso Azevedo Apk: install the file on your phone and you're done.
Animals Augmented Reality Google Playground

With the Google Playground animal and character packs you can use the phone's camera to project them into reality and play with them or take photos next to your dog or cat, for example. Of course, you must bear in mind that you will need a mobile with a certain power to start them. And it consumes a lot of battery: surely your phone gets hot. Moderate use.

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