Animal Crossing X Resident Evil: Raccoon City themed island created by a player

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The numbers of the Nintendo exclusive are decidedly impressive: the latest statistics actually report 5 million copies sold for Animal Crossing: New Horizons in Japanese territory only.

Important figures, which denote the existence of a huge community ready to spend hours on its virtual tropical islands. In addition, many players are exploiting the many potentials of the personalization system of Animal Crossing: New Horizons to shape one's dream atoll. The most creative users are also taking advantage of it to create gifts dedicated to their favorite franchises, whether they are video games, TV series, novels or other.

Among the holiday makers who have attracted the creation of the community for their work, we certainly find the user active on Twitter as "ffSade". Evidently fan of Resident Evil, the latter wanted to pay homage to the Capcom brand by transforming its island into a disturbing replica of Raccoon City. In addition to the atmosphere of the gloomy survival horror, the player has tried to reconstruct some iconic locations, such as the Raccoon Police Department Resident Evil 2 or some structures Umbrella. Directly at the bottom of this news, you can take a look at creation: what do you think?

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In closing, we point out to the players of the life simulator that a historic Japanese high fashion brand has created kimono models specifically for Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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