Ancelotti takes advantage of the confinement to chat with a fan with motor neuron disease

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The coronavirus affects all people but there are some who suffer more. It is the case of Mark, an Everton fan with motor neuron or motor neuron disease, which produces muscle deficiency in one way or another depending on whether it is the upper or lower motor neuron.

Everton was interested in his situation in these difficult days through his coach Carlo Ancelotti, which held a virtual meeting with Mark, which they posted on their social networks.

This 52-year-old Everton fan was fortunate enough to talk to his team's coach about a little bit: Netflix, the coronavirus and its expansion in Italy and England and, of course, Everton.

The talk ended with a loving message from Ancelotti inviting him to keep in touch with the club in case there were any problems. "Anything you need just call the club. We want to be close to you so let us know anything you need. I wish the best to you and your family"

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