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Anahí sings to her fans Save me in the face of a coronavirus pandemic

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Anahí burst social networks with a video that he uploaded to his Instagram stories where he is seen singing one of the most popular songs of Rebelde.It is Salvame, the most romantic ballad of all his albums, so his fans went crazy.

Apparently the artist wanted to cheer up all her fans a little before the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), so she encouraged them with that part of the ballad, and she looks very fresh after recovering from her second pregnancy.

"How beautiful I would like them to sing together again", "I still watch Rebelde I never get tired of seeing it", "You removed my childhood, I loved them too much when they were in Cali," wrote the users.

To make matters worse a few days ago Anahí decided to show another side of her life and went to her two young children, who bring her crazy because as everyone knows the exRBD preferred to move away from the media to focus on her children, but without neglecting her fans .

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Anahí also opened a page where she gives tips to new mothers, in addition to health care, having great success because they have made it known to her, since the artist does a good job.

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