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Anahí announces new and emotional single in honor of her babies

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The Mexican singer and actress Anahí, unexpectedly announced on her social networks with a small video that will release a new single titled "Latidos", in honor of her baby, the experience of a pregnancy and the joy of being able to become a mother for the second time.

The exRBD shared a short video where you can listen to a little piece of her new song, which according to the description she used, would have been ready since she became a mother for the first time, because the inspiration for this topic was her first child Manuel and now that he is waiting for Emiliano was the right time for the announcement.

I had this little piece of my heart saved long ago. Manu was the inspiration and would be a gift just for him. One day I thought I should share it, let it be made yours and can touch their hearts. ——————————— Infinite thanks @georgeluniverse always creating magic together. ————————————— 01/24/2020 ", reads in the video description.

As usual, his fans made the video in less than an hour to reach 117 thousand reproductions, because they have been waiting for the singer's new music for quite some time, since his voice is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and comforting within the Mexican music industry.

According to the publication, the new single will arrive on January 24 and is now available to preorder on the different digital platforms that will be available for reproduction and purchase.

Recently the singer of songs such as "Amnesia" and "Mi delirio", shared with her followers the way she celebrated the third birthday of her firstborn Manuel and published a tender photograph of the little boy who inherited his beautiful look and eye color.

Anahí Puente, born in Mexico City on May 14, 1983, constantly shares with her followers on social networks photographs and videos of her little Manu, also the son of Mexican politician Manuel Velasco Coello, with whom this 2015 marks 5 years of union marriage, and currently the progress of his second pregnancy, again waiting for a child.


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