an indie drama with a dark ending

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If you are ever asked: what is the most famous romantic comedy? you're going to answer 'Pretty Woman'. I play whatever you want. And is that 'Pretty Woman' IS the most famous romantic comedy in cinema. Almost raised $ 500 millionHe landed an Oscar nomination and laid the foundation (alongside 'When Harry Met Sally') for modern 90s comedy.

But, How do you stay if I told you that 'Pretty Woman' was not going to be a romantic comedy but an indie drama about drug use and the prostitution market in America? Picuetos, right? Originally, the movie was named after '3,000

Which was the price it cost Richard Gere to spend a week with the Julia Roberts character. Vivian, a prostitute, was also a cocaine addict. If I wanted to win the $ 3,000, I had to spend a week with Edward … without ever trying the drug.

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But wait there is more. In the end, Edward kicked Vivian out of her car on the promised week, and threw money out the window at a Vivian lying on the ground in an alley, the day after her best friend had died of an overdose. OMG the drama! Original producer Vestron Pictures was planning to release the film at the Sundance Film Festival., and the protagonists were going to be Richard Gere (after the role had passed through Al Pacino, Burt Reynolds or Christopher Reeve) and Diane lane. But Vestron went bankrupt, Touchstone / Disney entered and everything changed.

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Disney wanted Meg Ryan, but the one who finally got the role was Julia Roberts, who had just been nominated for an Oscar for 'Magnolias of Steel'. Garry Marshall climbed into the director's chair and everything took a 180-degree turn, swapping out a dark drama for a romantic comedy with light and humor. The rest is history.

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