An important star confirms his return in the second season

After the first official poster dedicated to The Mandalorian 2, we report a message shared by an actor already seen in the debut season of the Disney show, in which he confirms his presence also in the next unpublished episodes.

We are talking about Carl Weathers, who responded to the tweet to the message shared by the official account of The Mandalorian: “Greef Karga is back!“. As you will remember, in the episodes of the first season the actor played the main contact of the protagonist with the Guild of Bounty Hunters, entrusting Din Djarin with the mission that will do it. meet with Baby Yoda. Later he will decide to take his side and fight alongside the Mandalorian against the imperial troops led by Moff Gideon. Greef therefore decided not to follow the protagonist on his journey, preferring to stay on the planet Nevarro to re-establish the Guild, aided by Cara Dune, a character who could reappear in history.

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In the course of the next unpublished episodes we will therefore find out if he will be successful in his intent and if he will meet the mysterious bounty hunter again. Recall that the second season will make its debut on October 30, in the meantime we report this theory focused on a character from The Mandalorian, while the rumors continue on the awaited trailer dedicated to the Disney + series.


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