an educational biopic that Cynthia Erivo saves from mediocrity

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The first great movie about the abolitionist Harriet Tubman He had raised many expectations. The life and courage of the liberator demanded a story with history without too many alterations, balanced with entertainment and entertainment. commitment of the idea that meant his struggle today, and ‘Harriet’, more or less, he manages to bring his story to fruition, but missing the opportunity to do something truly relevant.

The film follows the journey of Harriet Tubman (Cynthia Erivo), beginning in the days of your life as slave in Maryland. After the death of her master, the threat of being sold and sent away from her family and her husband causes her to flee north. After traveling alone for tens of kilometers, she arrives in Philadelphia, where a group of underground railroad workers help her settle into a new stage of freedom. But, believing that God calls her to return to Maryland to free her family, Harriet returns south to begin his slave liberation deed.


A necessary story

The good thing about this story is that, more than a typical biographical film Seasonal awards, in ‘Harriet’The tension and even the expected action scenes are not lacking in the release of a real-life hero who struggled with the difficulties of obtaining the freedom of many. In its two hours, there is edition and reworking of parts to adjust the story to a family narrative in other similar characters taken to the movies. But in this case, the director uses this artistic license to show an interesting transformation of the character.

A quiet, shy and illiterate slave named Minty becomes a brave and confident woman named Harriet, taking the risk to lead hundreds of slaves to freedom. The classic hero's path is reflected in a crystalline way and it has a lot to do with it the convincing performance of Cynthia Erivo, raising the character to a kind of historical book superhero. A strong woman but whose selfless actions changed the lives of many people, material almost for Marvel adaptations With real roots and dates.

Kasi Lemmons make a good job dosing the powerful cast of fundamental characters in the development of the plot, while continuing to deepen the personal life of Harriet Tubman and the great opposition she had to face while seeking freedom for herself and others. Erivo characterizes Harriet as a strong and fearless woman which, again and again, endangered her own life and, ultimately, the organization that saved her, in search of more free African Americans.

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Cynthia Erivo, the epicenter of ‘Harriet’

Leslie Odom, Jr. He also does a good job as the implacable protector of the Union that he represented and helps to recreate the connection with Harriet, which helps to provide historical nuances with what could have been a portrait of ‘Spartacus’ (1960). However, despite all the factors of interest, the direction of the film is quite flat and the music of Terrence Blanchard does not help because of its repetitive substitute condition of Thomas Newman or what Hans Zimmer proposed for ‘Hidden Figures’ (Hidden Figures, 2017).

It's hard not to locate Erivo as nominee in the Oscar, but these self-conscious biographical films begin to sing, in the same way as ‘Judy’, as seasonal artifacts of prizes that are not above so many other independent works with many more award-winning cinematographic values. Is not that 'Harriet’Be no disaster, but your main achievement is to bring a real story remarkable to the mainstream, unable to remove the mantle of limited budget work that He didn't just choose whether to stick to the facts or make a creative fiction riskier than it could have raised her to something better.

The representation of the liberator as a human being with an earthly and mystical connection It is positive, but its arc in the course of the film works more for the good performance of Erivo as a driving force, that by the script made to measure, and the actress ends up carrying the film on her shoulders. At the end, ‘Harriet’ It looks like one of those well-meaning prestige biopics thatThat high school teachers put you on one of those afternoons that don't feel like giving notes, entertaining and simple to digest, but not interesting or complex enough to stand out.

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