An Easter Egg in My Hero Academia 4×24 anticipates one of the future narrative arcs

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My Hero Academia season 4 is about to reach the final episode, scheduled for Saturday 4 April and which will also be published on VVVVID in Italian on the same evening. To conclude this cycle of episodes there will be a sensational battle that will see Endeavor as the absolute protagonist.

But in episode 24 it was also inserted a small Easter Egg which refers to one of the future narrative arcs and that we will probably see in My Hero Academia season 5. After presenting the ranking of the Japanese professional heroes, where Endeavor found himself in first place and Hawks in second, the two find themselves walking together to the city.

Despite their chat they still manage to deal with citizens' problems and one of them arises from Teruo Hazukashi, a salaryman who decided to pursue a criminal career. Using his quirk, the man thinks he can destroy his office. The man's decision was made after reading an interesting book that began to be distributed among the population after the withdrawal of All Might.

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The reference is precisely to the Quirk Liberation Armyorganization that will be presented in the future in My Hero Academia and that fans of the manga know well. In these phases of the story obviously there is still no direct reference to the book and the group that will become important only afterwards.

As Endeavor prepares for the final battle of the season, the production of My Hero Academia season 5 has been officially announced.

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