an autonomous car already delivers its pizzas

This week a group of selected clients from Houston (USA) will be able to receive their Domino’s pizza without a delivery man knocking on your door.

This is the Nuro R2, a delivery vehicle completely autonomous which has already received the go-ahead from the US Department of Transportation.

“R2, draws a familiar carbonara”


This is how it works: customers selected by the pilot program must place their prepaid order on the Domino’s website, and request that Nuro R2 make the delivery.

Once the order is placed, you will receive text alerts that will inform you of the location of R2 and provide you with a Unique PIN to collect your order inside the vehicle.

Only R2

Once R2 arrives, customers will be asked to enter their PIN on the car’s touch screen. R2’s doors will swing open upward, allowing the customer to pick up the Domino’s order. And they promise that the food will arrive hot.

As explained by Nuro and Domino’s, this program will allow them “to better understand how customers respond to deliveries, how they interact with the robot and how it affects store operations.”

The truth is that in Ford they have already verified with the distributions that people usually give thanks, even if it is a machine.

In 2018, it partnered with Domino’s Pizza to investigate how a customer reacts (in this case, from Michigan) who gets a pizza from a driverless car, as is the case with an autonomous Ford Fusion Hybrid.

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The results showed that the majority of customers they thanked the car (There was, however, an operator ‘hidden’ inside) and they went to pick up their order barefoot due to the proximity of the delivery point to the customer’s home.

In early 2020, the second-generation Nuro R2 received the go-ahead from both the US Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to do its job: transporting goods rather than people completely. autonomous.

The beginning of the end for delivery men?

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