An Argentine player from Vasco da Gama detailed the situation chart after the 16 positive cases of coronavirus in the club

Germán Cano was one of the Basque scorers so far in 2020 (EFE)
Germán Cano was one of the Basque scorers so far in 2020 (EFE)

The news generated surprise and ignited an alert throughout Brazilian soccer: 16 footballers from the professional Vasco da Gama team tested positive for a coronavirus control. The group has Argentines Martín Benítez and Germán Canowho spoke in Planet 947.

The former Lanús, Chacarita and Colón de Santa Fe striker said that a few days ago the families of all the players (more than 30) had come to the institution to undergo, one by one, the corresponding tests. After performing a swab and blood study, they were awaiting the results and half of the workforce was placed in mandatory quarantine (the two Argentines were negative).

“We found out yesterday when we returned to training and we were surprised. No one was expected to have so many colleagues who tested positive. Each is responsible for his things, 16 is a fairly high number. I do not know what everyone should do at home, but you can spread this virus in the supermarket or anywhere. Be asymptomatic and normal. We don't know, it's complicated "Cano commented.

Vasco da Gama, committed to the coronavirus (Twitter @VascodaGama)
Vasco da Gama, committed to the coronavirus (Twitter @VascodaGama)

In Brazil they estimate that the Carioca Championship (in which the Rio de Janeiro teams participate) could return in July and the Brasileirao (the first division) in August.

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For now, the negative cases in Vasco da Gama continue with training at different times and groups of maximum 5: "We went through a protocol on the court, they disinfect everything, the cars and individually. You get out of the car, you go to the court, you do an hour or an hour and a half job and, just as you are, without bathing, you go to the car. You come to your house and take everything out. It is the protocol used by the Basque ”.

Regarding the personal situation, the 32-year-old attacker who shone in Independiente Medellín in Colombia expressed: “You are scared to this day, but beyond taking care of yourself, you are at home, you try not to go out, make few delivery orders, one has to go out, go to the supermarket, go buy diapers at the pharmacy. You can grab it anywhere. It is difficult but we try not to be so paranoid because it hurts us. ”


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